Take any image...


And bring it into

the real world!

Wait... What? Real 3-D without having to use glasses!? No WAY!!


Yes way. With i-Lusio wearing 3-D glasses is a thing of the past. It offers the unique sensation of having a 3-D rendering of any object, a pet or you favorite cartoon or game character right next to you as if it were really there, both in sight and in sound. See for yourself!

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Wouldn't it be great if you could take 3-D images into the real world? Well, now you can! And NO special glasses required! With any tablet and i-Lusio, you can make 3-D images come more to life than ever before!


Have kids? Let them play with virtual pets (as many as they want)! Like games? Enjoy new games in a unique way(space battle or asteroids anyone?)! Own a store or a business? Display your products with this eye-catcher! And what about this, while you're charging your tablet: Turn it into an aquarium!


As a toy, a gift, a showcase: i-Lusio: it's here, for real!

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